Size Guide

Photo by  Mathew Henry


If you are not sure about your ring size, you may use the size chart  for assistance.

    • Find a ring that fits you comfortable
    • Print the size chart and uncheck all "scale to fit page" checkboxes when printing to make sure the scales are true size. 
    • Place your ring on top of each ring circle to find the right size. The circle that fits the inside edge of your ring should be your best match. If your ring size falls between two sizes, its best to opt for the larger size.



- With chain rings, it's always a good idea to go one size up!

- Ring sizes change based on your body temperature. Your size can shrink when your hands are cold and expand when they are warm. The best time to measure is in the evening when you temperature is slightly warm, to avoid the struggle of slipping the ring on and off.

- Other factors that may impact the fit are salty food and alcohol, so keep the measuring after the cocktails and appetizers! 



Our Bracelets are 17cm long with extension links that provide an extra 3cm to make the maximum length become 20cm. 



Our Necklaces vary in size based of the design. To know the exact size of a necklace, check the description section of your chosen piece. All necklaces have extension links for you to adjust the size to your preference.