Our Story


Photo by Mathew Henry


"Timeless pieces, designed to be treasured forever"


 Hi! I’m Khadija Alameri, Founder and Designer of Kyanite. For as long as I can remember, the process of creation has always fascinated me. The mere idea that from an ordinary and sometimes broken material, a magnificent piece of jewelry can be fashioned has always filled me with immeasurable excitement and awe.

 On one summer holiday, at the age of eight, my family visited a silver jewelry factory in Bali. While watching the designing process, as seemingly random pieces fell in place to form a masterpiece, I instantly knew what my heart will always beat for.

 Since then, from threading broken buttons in an attempt to recreate jewelry pieces as a little girl, to collecting a beautiful piece of jewelry from each country I visit, I have developed an authentic, unique style of piecing elegant, timeless jewelry with designs inspired by the art and passion for beautiful jewelry that I’ve come across during my travels around the world.

 Kyanite brings to you timeless designs artfully crafted with a passionate soul for you to find a piece that you come back to time after time as it holds a special memory or carries great value that awakens your graceful elegance, and calms your soul.